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Of course, this means we aren’t the cheapest, but we do believe we provide the best cleaning services in London using the best domestic cleaners in London. Services range from general cleaning duties to full housekeeping and ironing services, including dry cleaning pick up and delivery. This can include: cleaning kitchens and bathrooms, dusting and polishing furnishings, wiping windowsills, eliminating cobwebs, cleaning fireplaces, washing floors, vacuuming carpets and hardwood floors, cleaning mirrors, removing rubbish, cleaning refrigerators, polishing cabinets,  ovens and microwaves, cleaning surfaces, tidying and much much more. Domestic cleaning prices can be viewed here.   A personalised London cleaning service, with management just a phone call away. We want you to know who your dealing with. We will always send a manager along to introduce the cleaner to you on the first visit, as we understand that it can sometimes be a big decision to allow a cleaner access to your home. All cleaning work is subject to a preliminary no obligation site inspection by senior staff and all information from this is filtered back to the cleaner. A lot of our clients have used agency cleaning companies previously, and have experienced the frustration of never being able to discuss issues with management. We are a bit different. With us, you will always be able to speak to management if you have any complaints or concerns. We will work closely with you and our staff to ensure that your cleaning requirements are satisfied. Security checked, English speaking, insured Staff. We security vet all of our cleaners, and we don’t employ any who can’t communicate with our customers. We are fully insured in the unlikely event of damage or breakages, and all domestic cleaners London must pass a supervised training period of at least two months before being allowed to clean private domestic properties. No lengthy contracts, and a no obligation trial. We want our customers to be with us because they want to, not because they are forced to. Not only do we therefore offer a two week trial period as standard, but our domestic cleaning contract signs you up with us for just three months maximum. All we ask is that you give us one months notice thereafter if you wish to stop using our services. 100% Money-back Guarantee. Our Satisfaction Guarantee applies to all regular cleaning work. If you are not satisfied with a cleaning session, we do not expect you to pay and you are the only judge in the matter. We will then work with you and the cleaner to ensure your concerns are satisfied. The same cleaner, everytime. We don’t work cleaners on rotation or offer temporary vacancies. Therefore, unless prohibited by illness or similar, you will get the same cleaner every session, for the duration of your time with us. Housekeeping Services. All of our domestic cleaners London are capable of ironing and washing to a high standard. Some can perform minor DIY tasks for you if you wish, and other services such as cat care or dog walking can be included at no extra charge. We are not an agency, so no self-employed contractors. The majority of cleaning companies working within the London area are actually cleaning worker agencies. They advertise for positions, hold candidates cvs on file and then simply call them with the client’s address when work comes in. If you are asked to interview the cleaner, pay them directly or pay an upfront referral fee, then the company you are using is an agency. We take a bit more care than this, as permanently employing cleaners makes us think twice before recruiting someone who isn’t up to the task. Our management will therefore personally know the cleaner who is visiting your home, and have a relationship of trust with them built up through their supervised training and mentoring period of probation. We will never send a newly appointed member of staff on regular domestic cleaning duties unless supervised by their appropriate mentor. This gives you the extra security of knowing that the keys to your home are safe with a cleaner who is trained, known and trusted. Extra Services. Getting a good cleaning service is one of life’s little luxuries. At Bloomsbury we want to extend the favour and remove the stress from other related tasks  - taking the weight off your shoulders and leaving you with more time to concentrate on the things that matter most! We are happy to consider any related lifestyle requests that can be worked into your weekly contract, and we can supply services such as dry cleaning, window cleaning, waste removal and more, at discounted rates through a range of our experienced sub-contractors. We have even sent operatives to client’s houses to feed and play with their pets! Bloomsbury Cleaning Services London  >>  Residential Cleaning  >>  Regular Domestic Cleaning Cleaning Equipment For regular domestic cleaning, you will need to allow the cleaner access to your vacuum cleaner, mop and bucket. We can also supply all cleaning products at special discounted rates. Prices and Contract Terms Regular domestic cleaning work is charged at £12 per hour + VAT. Regular domestic cleaning is subject to a minimum three month contract, with two hours minimum per week. Payment Methods Payment is required by Standing Order, set up to debit your account weekly for the hours required. Don’t worry about rushing the standing order through for the first week or so, we understand how slow the banks can be so you can pay by cheque or cash (we will give you a receipt) if the standing order is not set up on time. Why choose us? Bloomsbury Cleaning Services London, best Domestic Cleaners House Cleaners London, the best, at Bloomsbury Cleaning Services London. . 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